LEX 730 with Side Burner/ rear and bottom burner


RRP (Inc. VAT) £1999.99

  • 32.1 kW
  • 7 Burners
  • 7040cm² Total Cooking Area
  • Ceramic infrared bottom and rear burner

LEX 730 with Side Burner/ rear and bottom burner

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Product features

LEX Series Video
Integrated Ice/Marinade Bucket and Cutting Board
Infrared Bottom Burner
JETFIRE™ Ignition System
i-GLOW™ Backlit Technology

Product Description

You will never want to cook indoors again once you get the Napoleon LEX 730RSBI Gas Grill. The LEX730RSBI is an entire outdoor kitchen in one convenient cabinet. Cook up to 40 burgers to feed a crowd on the 730 square inches of grilling area. This LEX730RSBI has generous side shelves that also contain an integrated ice bucket and a range side burner. The cabinet has two doors for storage as well as convenient gliding drawers for sauces and tools. Amaze your friends and family with this high-end stainless steel grill that makes you look like a professional chef. Thrill them with the affordable price tag and delicious food. 



Grill like a pro with at least six different ways to cook on your new Napoleon Grill. Sear quickly over the integrated infrared burner. Bake anything from the perfect roast to cakes. The double walled lid and rear hood keeps the heat in. Use the optional charcoal smoker tray or the smoker tube for a smoked pulled pork. Grill like a pro over the stainless steel tube burners. Use the infrared rear burner and a rotisserie for the perfect turkey. The LEX730RSBI comes with a cutting board and the generous side shelves allow you to prep where you work. When you’re done, one side shelf converts to a drink station with the integrated ice bucket. The other is a gas range burner. When you have a LEX730RSBI Gas Grill, it’s like having a whole kitchen outside. 


Not only are there endless grilling possibilities on the LEX 730RSBI, but there are other amazing features too. This grill is made from high grade stainless steel. It shrugs off rust and corrosion. You can grill even after dark with the iGlow backlit knobs. Beautiful blue LED lights illuminate the LEX730RSBI’s controls. A full width drip pan catches whatever the stainless steel sear plates haven’t vaporized and turned into flavor. It is easy to remove and clean. The drip pan is also tapered and leads to the permanent drip tray. The JETFIRE™ ignition system will light your grill for years. The innovative design shoots a jet of flame to light the burners. It remains cool, reducing the wear and tear, resulting in a long life. The LEX730RSBI has an integrated infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ burner built in to the grill. With 16,000 BTU’s the infrared burner gets up to 1,000°C in seconds. Gas is forced through the tiny openings in the ceramic and the gas burns off, turning the ceramic red. This is the infrared heat. In one place you can sear the juices into your favorite meat. Then transfer it to the main burners to finish your meal like the restaurants do. The LEX730RSBI is your all in one gourmet kitchen that lives outside.


The LEX730RSBI Gas Grill comes in one box with a fully assembled grill head, the stainless steel base, unique WAVE™ cooking grids and generous side shelves with integrated ice bucket, cutting board and range side burner. It also comes complete with all the hardware for assembly, doors, drawers and batteries for the iGlow backlit knobs, the manual, warming rack and a condiment basket for added storage.

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