It’s a Guy Thing


I guess it should be no surprise, but when it comes to barbecues it is still the man that takes to the tongs. So confirms the latest findings from the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association of North America.

With ample anecdotal evidence to support a similar state of play here, Canadian newcomer Napoleon® Grills has a range of premium gas and charcoal barbecues which it believes will not only appeal to man’s innate primeval desire for fire, but has that added ‘je ne sais quoi’ to be of interest also to women.

The survey, conducted last summer, looked at the way people typically use gas, electric and charcoal barbecues to prepare meals. Findings included:

Men handle the majority of the grilling duty

  • The guys out-grill the gals, 73% of guys do the grilling with just 24% of gals taking a turn. 

Food preparation sees greater equality

  • Men prepare food for the barbecue between 55% and 58% of the time depending on whether they are using a charcoal or gas barbecue. Women prepare food around 40% of the time.

The will to grill

  • Guys generally make the final call when it comes to whether or not to grill a meal, around 60%+ decide when it is time to light up

Firing up

  • Women fight shy! Around 78% of the time it is down to the man of the house to get the party started and ignite the grill.


So is this just one instance where man’s love affair with fire will always win out?

Napoleon® has certainly done what it can to appeal to all – there’s a sleek design and finish for all models and it’s made starting up a cinch; an electronic ignition system for some of its gas barbecues and a chimney starter for easy charcoal lighting.

Adjustable burners give control, cast iron grates ensure even cooking, temperature gauges tell you what’s hot and what’s not and side burners provide an added ring for sauces. Almost sounds like an indoor range cooker? Well it is, Napoleon® Grills cook pretty much everything from joints of meat to whole fish and from chops to the humble sausage.

And if you really want to get fancy, then many models such as the Mirage™ Series come with a roasting spit, a smoker, an infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ for that perfectly seared steak and even an ice bucket as standard.

Prices range from £199 for a charcoal barbecue up to £3500 for an all singing, all dancing gas barbecue.

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